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 Lucky Patcher APK is an Android application that allows users to modify or patch other apps installed on their devices. It is a popular patching app and cracking tool developed by ChelpuS.  Download Free Latest Latest Version from this website and also get the old versions.

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If you’re an Android user looking to unlock the full potential of your device and gain control over your app experience, then it is the ultimate tool for you. Lucky Patcher is an Android application that allows users to modify or patch other apps installed on their devices. It provides various features that can be used to manipulate apps, including removing license verifications, removing ads, modifying app permissions, and even bypassing in-app purchases.

Lucky Patcher is a popular app cracking tool developed by ChelpuS. The developer, ChelpuS, is known for creating various utility and customization apps for the Android platform. It is one of their most successful creations, offering users a wide range of features to modify, customise, and optimize their app experience. It has gained a significant following due to its powerful capabilities and ability to unlock the full potential of Android devices.

Overall, Regarding modifying Android apps and games, this tool is a popular choice among users. It allows Android enthusiasts to unlock gems, remove ads, bypass licence verifications, and more. Using this app, you can access a plethora of exciting features that enhance your overall experience on your Android

About Lucky Patcher App:

Lucky Patcher App lets users tweak various aspects of their favorite apps and games. There are many popular Android games and applications that have been modified or patched through this application. The most demanding patched games are Hill Climb, Highway Rider, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, GunStrike 2, and many more. 

Moreover, users can also patch the games and apps according to their preferences and needs. They can add and change the features of the desired selection of games and customize them to fulfill their needs. Users can make almost all kinds of changes in the targeted apps or games through this Android patching app.

Furthermore, if you are a gaming enthusiast then you have used modded applications and games in which everything is unlocked and unlimited. This cracking app also allows users to unlock all the levels, features, gaming weapons, and other items that suit their needs. 

Additionally, you can unlock coins, money, gems, diamonds, and other resources that are important for playing games full of cheats. Similar to game resources, you can also crack mobile application software, premium apps, and many more. The app continues to be a go-to tool for Android users seeking greater control over their devices.

What is the Lucky Patcher APK?

Lucky Patcher APK is the installation file format for the Lucky Patcher application, specifically designed for Android devices. This compact yet powerful file contains all the tools and resources needed to harness the full potential of this free Android Patcher and transform your mobile experience. is the official website where you can download the latest version of this tool for your Android devices in APK file format which is easy to install and usable on every mobile.

The Lucky Patcher APK lets you take full control of your Android apps. You can block ads, skip in-app purchases, and tweak features to suit your needs. Plus, you get access to premium features, giving you the power to personalise your digital experience. It’s a must-have for making the most out of your apps.

Furthermore, The latest version of this patcher introduces an innovative feature that enhances the user experience: the “App Suggestions” tool. This feature utilises advanced algorithms to analyse users’ app usage patterns and preferences, providing personalised recommendations for new apps to try or features to explore. By leveraging this functionality, users can discover exciting apps and functionalities tailored to their interests, further enhancing the versatility and utility of this app.

Requirements to Install Lucky Patcher Apk on Android Devices:

  • Android Device: To install APK, you need an Android device running on Android OS. This is compatible with a wide range of Android versions, but it’s essential to ensure that your device meets the minimum requirements for compatibility.
  • Storage Space: Ensure that your Android device has sufficient storage space available to accommodate the APK file and any additional data or patches that may be downloaded during installation.
  • Unknown Sources Enabled: Since Lucky Patcher is not available on the Google Play Store, you’ll need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the official app store.
  • Root Access (Optional): While not strictly required, some advanced features of Lucky Patcher may require root access to your device. Rooting your Android device grants you elevated privileges, allowing you to perform tasks such as system app removal and deeper app customization. However, root access also comes with risks, so proceed with caution and ensure you understand the implications before proceeding.
  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is recommended to download Lucky Patcher APK file and any additional patches or updates that may be required during installation or use.

Key Features

Lucky Patcher offers a wide range of features that allow users to modify, customise, and optimise their app experience on Android devices. Here are some key features of this Android patching tool:


App Modification and Customization:

Lucky Patcher enables users to modify and customise their installed apps. It allows users to change app permissions, remove unwanted elements, alter the app's behaviour or appearance, and add new features or functionality. Overall, you can change the app colour, name, logo, UI Interface, Font Style, navigation, and many more that suit your preference.


In-App Purchase Bypass

With this Android patching app, users can bypass in-app purchases and access premium features or content without actually making the required payment. This feature opens up possibilities for users to enjoy paid content for free. You can use all the premium apps and games without purchasing any subscription. Now, you can bypass any premium games and apps easily.


Ad Removal

It offers users the capability to eliminate intrusive and irritating ads from apps. By eradicating ads, users can relish a cleaner and uninterrupted app experience, enhancing their overall satisfaction and enjoyment. Bid farewell to interruptions and hello to uninterrupted immersion with an ad removal feature of this tool.


App Backup and Restore

This App includes a backup and restore feature that allows users to create backups of their favourite apps and games. These backups preserve app data, configurations, and settings, making it easy to restore them in case of device changes or accidental data loss. If you do not like the customization of the desired app and games then take a backup of the original content and restore like the original ones.


Custom Patch Library

It offers access to a library of custom patches created by the community. These patches provide users with the ability to modify specific apps, remove licence verifications, unlock hidden features, and more. Users can explore the available patches and apply them to enhance their app experience. This extensive repository offers users the opportunity to explore and apply custom patches tailored to their specific needs and preferences


App Permission Control

Lucky Patcher enables users to manage and modify app permissions. It allows users to grant or revoke permissions for specific apps, giving them greater control over the data accessed by apps and enhancing privacy and security. You can change and set the permission of gallery access, storage access, and log file access of apps and games using this patching tool on Android devices. With this feature, users can review and modify the permissions requested by installed apps, ensuring their privacy and security preferences are met.


Remove Licence Verification

The app also offers users the capability to remove licence verification checks implemented by certain apps. By bypassing these checks, users can access premium features and content without the need for a valid licence or purchase, providing an enhanced app experience without financial constraints. This feature enables users to unlock the full potential of their favourite apps, ensuring seamless functionality and maximum enjoyment.


Move Apps to SD Card

Users can effortlessly transfer installed apps from their device's internal storage to the external SD card. This feature is particularly useful for devices with limited internal storage, allowing users to free up space and optimise storage usage. By moving apps to the SD card, users can ensure smoother device performance and accommodate a larger number of apps without worrying about storage constraints.


Create Modified APK Files

It allows users to create modified APK files of apps. These modified APKs can include various modifications, such as removing ads, unlocking premium features, or applying custom patches. With the ability to create modified APK files, users can personalise their app experience to suit their needs, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing usability. The modified APKs can be installed on other devices or shared with other users.


Emulation and License Emulation

LuckyPatcher provides users with the capability to emulate certain features and even licence verification processes within apps. This powerful feature allows users to bypass restrictions and access premium content without the need for a valid licence. By emulating specific device configurations or licensing protocols, users can unlock additional functionality and enjoy enhanced app experiences.


Change Simple Apps to System Apps

This tool enables users to convert ordinary apps into system apps on their Android devices. This feature grants users elevated privileges, allowing the modified apps to be integrated seamlessly into the device's operating system. By converting simple apps to system apps, users gain enhanced control and stability, ensuring that essential functionalities are always available, even after system updates or resets.


Game Cracker

It includes features that can be used to crack and modify games. Users can apply patches to remove licence verifications, unlock premium features, obtain in-game resources, or modify game parameters to enhance their gaming experience. This feature enables users to enjoy their favourite games to the fullest extent, bypassing payment requirements and unlocking new levels of gameplay.


LP Lightweight & Safe

This patching app is designed to be lightweight in terms of resource usage and file size. It doesn't require excessive system resources, ensuring smooth performance on Android devices. Additionally, Lucky Patcher aims to provide a safe experience by thoroughly scanning and verifying patches and modifications to minimise the risk of malware or compromised apps.


App Cloning

The app cloning feature allows users to clone apps installed on their devices. App cloning creates a duplicate copy of an app, enabling users to run multiple instances of the same app on their device. This can be useful for managing multiple accounts or using different configurations of the same app. This feature is particularly useful for users who wish to maintain separate accounts or profiles within an app without the need to log in and out repeatedly.


System App Removal

This application provides the ability to remove pre-installed system apps from Android devices. System app removal allows users to uninstall unwanted or bloatware apps that cannot be uninstalled through regular means. By removing these system apps, users can free up storage space, improve device performance, and customise their devices according to their preferences.

Minimum Requirements:

Lucky Patcher is an advanced tool for Android, so it’s important to ensure that your device meets the requirements for optimal functionality and performance:

  1. Android Version: Your device should have a minimum Android version of 2.33 (GINGERBREAD) or higher to install Lucky Patcher Apk.
  2. RAM: To ensure proper functionality, your device should have at least 2 GB of RAM. Sufficient RAM ensures smooth operation and prevents lag or performance issues.
  3. Internal Storage: It requires ample internal storage space for optimal performance. It’s recommended to have a minimum of 8 GB of internal storage available for the best results.


Benefits of Using this patcher

Using Lucky Patcher comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, it helps users save money by unlocking premium features and content without having to spend a dime on app purchases or in-app transactions. Secondly, the Lucky Patcher app enhances the overall user experience by removing ads and unlocking premium features, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable app experience.

In addition to the cost savings and enhanced user experience, Lucky Patcher offers several other benefits:

  1. Customization: It allows users to customise their apps according to their preferences. Whether it’s modifying app permissions, tweaking settings, or changing the interface, users have the flexibility to tailor their apps to suit their needs.
  2. Improved Performance: By removing unnecessary ads and optimising app functionalities, Lucky Patcher can help improve the overall performance of your device. With fewer resource-intensive elements running in the background, apps run smoother and consume fewer system resources.
  3. Offline Access: Some patched apps may offer offline access to premium features or content, allowing users to enjoy their favourite apps even when they’re not connected to the internet. This can be particularly useful for users with limited or intermittent internet access.
  4. Community Support: Lucky Patcher has a vibrant community of users who share tips, tricks, and custom patches. This community support can be invaluable for users looking to maximise the benefits of the tool and discover new ways to enhance their app experience.
  5. Compatibility: Lucky Patcher Apk is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and app versions, ensuring that users can enjoy its benefits regardless of their device or app preferences.

How does this patcher work?

Lucky Patcher works by analysing the code and structure of Android apps installed on your device. It then offers you a toolbox of tools and options to personalise, tweak, and enhance these apps to match your preferences.

One of the key features of this app is its ability to create custom patches for apps, allowing users to unlock premium features, bypass licence verifications, and remove advertisements. These patches modify the app’s code to achieve the desired outcome without altering the original APK file.

Backup & Restore

Additionally, it provides users with options to backup and restore apps, allowing them to save their app data and settings before making any modifications. This ensures that users can revert to a previous state if they encounter any issues.

Root Devices

For rooted devices, it offers even more advanced features, such as system app removal and deeper app customization options. Root access grants elevated privileges, enabling it to make changes to system-level files and settings.
Overall, Lucky Patcher simplifies the process of app customization and optimization, giving users greater control over their Android experience and allowing them to tailor their apps to suit their needs and preferences.

Download Old Versions

Permissions Required for Full Operation:

To fully utilise the features and functionalities of this app, the following permissions are required:

  • Modifying System Settings: Lucky Patcher needs permission to modify system settings to apply patches and make modifications to apps for customization purposes.
  • Drawing Over Other Apps: This permission allows this tool to overlay its interface over other apps, enabling users to interact with it while using other applications.
  • Modify and Delete Permission on the SD Card: It requires permission to modify and delete files on the SD card to manage patches, backups, and other app-related data stored on external storage.
  • Modify and Delete Permission on System ROM (Requires Root): For rooted devices, it may require permission to modify and delete files on the system ROM to apply system-level patches and modifications. This permission is only necessary for rooted devices.
  • Location Access for Serving Ads: This may require access to your device’s location for serving targeted advertisements. This permission is used to tailor ad content based on your geographic location.

Granting these permissions ensures that the App can operate fully and provide users with the tools they need for apps and games customization, optimization, and management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Yes, it is safe to use the lucky patcher application on your android device if you download from The official platform for getting safe and secure apps.

Yes, users can update patched apps like any other app. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and ensure compatibility with future updates.

Lucky Patcher can modify many games and apps, but not all of them. The compatibility of Patcher with specific games and apps depends on various factors, including the app’s coding and security measures. Some apps have advanced security features that make them difficult to modify.

The legality of using Lucky Patcher varies depending on the country and the specific actions taken with the app. While Lucky Patcher itself is not illegal, using it to bypass in-app purchases or modify apps for unauthorised access may violate the terms of service of certain apps or games. It is important to use Lucky Patcher responsibly and within the boundaries of the law.

Yes, it requires a rooted Android device to access its full range of features. Rooting allows users to have administrative control over their device, enabling them to make system-level changes and modifications.


Lucky Patcher APK is a free tool for creating mod apps and games. If you are mod apk users and download mod games and premium apps from third party websites, you can create your own mod apk according to your need and preferences. You can add and remove features from the games and also change the gameplay, it is just like rebuilding the game with new features and enhancements.

 There are many users using this app and I love it the most because I started my website on mod apk where all the apps and games are patched through this app. My personal opinion about the lucky patcher is very good and I give it a 5/5 rating.

I hope it will help you the most and provide you all the facilities that you need while playing the games and using the premium apps. So, download now and start patching your application from today.

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